m. is a Toronto based photographer and new media artist. She was schooled in the world of rock and roll as a child, and at York University as an adult. She earned a BFA with Honors in Studio Art for her efforts in 2002. Since then she has continued to practice her art, shooting and developing B&W film in her darkroom, and recently migrating to a DSLR. She admits she likes working in RAW, and not just because of how it sounds. m. has been working on a Mac for 24 years, and has been both a student and teacher of the platform.

m. shoots all of her photos hand held with natural lighting. She prefers the natural beauty, and randomness of shooting live. Opting to capture people doing what they love, with their natural passion & ebullience present, rather than just smiling pretty for the camera. Her incredible sense of timing and eye allow her photos capture the intense energy of her subjects as best a still image can.

m. is a meticulous image editor, and will not allow her signature to be attached to anything unworthy of her mark. A mark that is usually made in a funky coloured Sharpie marker. She is responsible for the design and styling of both rockstarphoto.ca and blueredengreen.com where her painting and new media art works can be found. On blueredengreen.com she offers a look at a collection of her work spanning over ten years. She rarely comments on her own work opting to let her images speak for them selves, and forcing the viewer to think about and take away what they need from her pieces.

All that and she enjoys sunset walks in the rain...

Gear :
*Pentax 35mm cameras and lenses
* B&W Ilford film, paper and chemistry
* Apple Computers
* Fuji F40fd Point and shoot (Pocket Camera)
* Nikon D200 DSLR and Nikkor lenses
*Lexar media & Readers
* Booq & Crumpler Bags/Cases/Straps
* Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium
* Apple Aperture
* Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium
* Corel Painter
* Epson printers (1280 &R1800), paper and inks
* Ilford Galerie digital Papers
* Elephant Storage Drives
& Sharpie Markers (of course)

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